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Proceedings of the 52. International AICA Congress

Design Anna Ranches I Bureau Mitte

This publication documents the 52nd International Congress of the Art Critics Association (AICA), which met in 2019 in Cologne and Berlin to discuss the topic of Art Criticism in Times of Populism and Nationalism. More than forty speakers and moderators provided a definition of populism, addressed issues of discrimination, censorship in many countries, and the appropriation of artistic strategies in ‘right-wing’ language use. The autonomy and responsibility of art and art criticism were also thematised. The discussions reproduced here in text form reveal the full complexity of the topic.

The documentation is published in two separate German and English volumes.

Published online by Landesbibliothek Heidelberg arthistoricum.net DOI https://books.ub.uni-heidelberg.de/arthistoricum/catalog/book/892
The book on demand will be available on th 15th of August.